Australia iTeraCare Classic 2.2

Australia iTeraCare Classic 2.2

Device  iTeracare Introducing the 4th Generation Model – Launched in 2021

With 800 watts of power, this model has been designed with affordability in mind, making it accessible to a broader range of households at a lower cost.


While retaining its effectiveness, it offers a more budget-friendly option, although it may not be as heavy-duty.


Treatment durations might be slightly extended, and the device features an automatic shut-off after an hour of use for cooling purposes.


Featuring 3 distinct configurations:

  1. Low speed, low temperature.
  2. High speed, low heat.
  3. High speed, high temperature.

U$S 440 (dólares americanos)

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Experience the iTeraCare Classic 2.2 – a device that blends effectiveness and accessibility seamlessly.


Australia iTeraCare Classic 2.2

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Australia iTeraCare Classic 2.2

Devices are secure and certified appliances that utilize cutting-edge technologies, including Terahertz Magnetic Wave Frequency, Quantum Technology, and Optical Light Quartz Technology.


Introducing the NEW 4th Generation Classic 2.2 Model.


Enhancements comprise:


Enhanced durability with bolt-on attachment.


Improved wiring quality for enhanced performance.


Sturdy case with a handle for added protection and portability. 4-meter swivel cable for greater convenience.


With 800 watts of power, this model has been designed to be more budget-friendly, allowing accessibility to more households at a reduced cost, all while maintaining the same level of effectiveness.


It’s important to note that treatment duration might be slightly longer, and the device will automatically turn off after an hour of use to facilitate cooling.


Additionally, it offers 3 settings to accommodate your preferences.


Unveil the new iTeraCare Classic 2.0 version and capitalize on its array of improvements, ensuring an optimal experience in alleviating discomforts and nurturing your overall well-being!


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You can even infuse your water with its benefits, relishing in the hydrating and rejuvenating effects of structured water.




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