EEUU Premium iTeraCare

EEUU Premium iTeraCare.

Fifth generation model – Released in June 2022.


With a robust 650 watts of power, this iteration is engineered tougher than the classic version, quieter than its counterparts, and remarkably durable.


It arrives encased in a well-padded protective hard case, complete with exterior locks.


The innovative cool-down feature ensures that the device remains inactive for a 5-minute interval after each use.


Featuring three distinct configurations:

  1. Low speed, low temperature.
  2. High speed, low heat.
  3. High speed, high temperature.

U$S 1200

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Notably, the heat settings are significantly elevated compared to the Classic model.


Elevate your well-being with the cutting-edge capabilities of the iTeraCare Premium Device.

EEUU Premium iTeraCare

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EEUU Premium iTeraCare


The easiest to use frequency device available.

It’s as simple as point and blow!


No need to navigate through programs, download apps, or deal with complicated software.


Just plug in the device, power it on, and direct it towards the specific body area you wish to target.


It’s really that straightforward.


And guess what?


You can even use it to charge your drinking water, indulging in the refreshing and revitalizing benefits of structured water.


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